Light truck - 4x4 Vans

Light truck expedition vehicle is a perfect combination between the heavy big trucks and the fragile delivery van . In Australia, the number 1 country for 4x4 camper, they use mainly those light truck for many years. A light truck is an expedition vehicle under 7,5 T. If your concern is weight and size, without renouncing to space Light truck camper is your choice to travel around the world.

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Some benefits of Light trucks: Consumption and Size

Compare to the big trucks, they are less heavy and therefor they benefit from a lower fuel consumption: between 15 to 18l /100km. Other benefit are that you will have a compact vehicle, something really appreciated if you plan to travel in remote areas, where you can find low trees or small bridges. You will be the only one to be able to go through. 

At Zocama facilities in Barcelona we transform mainly 2 models:

At Zocama, in our Barcelona facilities, we are transforming mainly 2 models in a strong 4x4 base : 

- Mistubishi Canter, simple cab or doka engine of 129 kW (175 CV), 2 length of chassis 

- Isuzu NPR, either in simple cab or doka, engine of 140 KW (190 CV), 4 length of chassis 

It is critical when you travel to be sure that you can have assistance for your vehicle in the country you are visiting that is one of the reasons why we choose the two of them.

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Light trucks, smaller but capable

Mitsubishi has a good network of dealerships and service centers worldwide for backup and assistance. With Isuzu, you can find dealers in nearly any remote countries. It’s like the Peugeot 504 in Africa, the Isuzu N-series is almost everywhere.

Although inside space is smaller than in a big expedition truck, we have available a range of floor plans, with seating and sleeping for up to 5 people.

Those light truck campers are capable of doing long distance desert crossings, endless corrugations and washed out roads. And at the end of the day you can enjoy most important comfort from home: hot and cold running water, showers, toilets, comfortable beds, cooking facilities, entertainment systems… Everything like the big truck.

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full of comfort in expedition vehicle, 4x4 camper made in Barcelona
light truck made in Barcelona, expedition vehicle from Barcelona

Light Truck -  4x4 Vans

A new concept coming from Australia: small truck either Mistubishi or Isuzu. Light truck means 3,5T to 7,5T. Compact and low consumption. We also do 4x4 traditional van campers.

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Expedition Truck

The classical European expedition truck: from 10T to 20 T, with a separate aislated box. Reliable, big and spacious.

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Why loosing space having 2 separate areas between cabin and caravan? Since 2011 our Monovolume range integrates cabin to body. Unique in the world.


Zocama is your partner for building your custom made expedition vehicle. Based in Barcelona a team of passionate people with a large experience in overland expeditions. Choose between our range of vehicle options the one that suit best your specific needs. We use the most advanced technologies to build your custom made vehicle. Contact us and explain us your needs.